Common English Expressions – Taking a flight

Common English Expressions – Taking a flight:

  1. May I see your passport please?
  2. Boarding pass, please?
  3. Where are you coming from?
  4. What is the purpose of your visit?
  5. I’m here on business.
  6. I’m here for a vacation.
  7. What is your occupation?
  8. Shoes off, please.
  9. Do you have a computer with you?
  10. Where will your be staying?
  11. Do you have anything to declare?
  12. How many bags do you have with you?
  13. Do you have a window seat?
  14. Do you have an aisle seat?
  15. What would you like for your meal?  Chicken or fish?
  16. What would you like to drink?
  17. Can I have some water?
  18. What kind of beverages do you have?
  19. Can I have a vomit bag?
  20. Would you like to buy something duty free?
  21. Where do I go through customs?
  22. Where’s the currency exchange?
  23. Where do I go for lost luggage?
  24. Where’s the restroom?
  25. Where can I take the shuttle bus?
  26. Where can I take the bus?
  27. Where can I take a taxi?
  28. Where can I rent a car?
  29. Where can I get/buy some food?
  30. Where can I get/buy something to drink?
  31. Where can I get some coffee?
  32. Where can I get some gas?
  33. Enjoy your stay.