Final Exam – Speed Dating


Paragraph 1

Are you looking for that someone special?  No time to go on dates?  Then speed dating is for you!  Speed dating is quick, fun, and exciting – and you could meet the love of your life!


Paragraph 2

Here’s how it works:  25 men and 25 women get together in a friendly bar and sit at tables for two.  They have three minutes to talk to each other.  When the date is finished, a bell rings.  Then all the men move to the next table.  If you want to meet a person again, you check his or her name on a card.  At the end of the evening, you hand in your cards.  If there’s a match, we send you the other person’s email address.  And after that, it’s entirely up to you!


Paragraph 3

Call us now at 0800 975 4433, or check out our website at


Adapted from Redston, C., & Cunningham, G. (2009). Face2face. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press






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