Exam #1 – Jamie Oliver


Paragraph 1

Jamie Oliver is one of Britain’s favorite chefs.  Every week, millions of people watch him on TV and use his recipes.


Paragraph 2

Jamie was born in Essex, England in 1975.  When he was only eight, he started helping in his parents’ restaurant.  He went to catering college when he was sixteen and then worked at the famous River Café in London for three years.  His first TV program was called The Naked Chef, and it was an instant success.  Jamie quickly became famous, and in 1999, he prepared lunch for the British Prime Minister.


Paragraph 3

Jamie has his own restaurant now in London.  It’s called Fifteen, and it isn’t a typical restaurant.  Every year, Jamie takes fifteen young unemployed people and teaches them to become chefs.  The program about the restaurant, also called Fifteen, is on TV every week.  He is also going to open Fifteen restaurants in Australia and the United States in the future.  But at the moment, Jamie is writing a new book of recipes.  He is also very rich, of course.  And in 2003, he earned £3.8 million.


Paragraph 4

Jamie got married in 2000, and he lives in London with his wife, Jools, and their two daughters, Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo.  He’s very busy, and he doesn’t have very much free time.  But he does love riding around London on his scooter, and he plays the drums in a rock band.  When he’s at home, he likes making bread and cooking pasta.  His favorite ingredients are olive oil and lemons from Sicily.



Adapted from Redston, C., & Cunningham, G. (2009). Face2face. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press



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