Travel English – Elementary – Homework – McDonald’s – Due November 16th, 2017

Bryce Canyon 1849264

Instructions: Read and translate.  Email this to me at

Case Study:

You’ve graduated college, and you got your first job with Yen’s Tours.  You’re a tour guide on a trip to Bryce Canyon with 30 Chinese people.  For lunch, your bus stops at McDonald’s.  Your clients do not speak English, so you have to do the ordering.  Here is the McDonald’s menu.  Write  a dialogue between you and a McDonald’s employee to order this meal.  Translate this dialogue as your homework.  You must speak at least 6 sentences for this exam.


McDonald’s Dialogue Transcript – Sample

A:       Welcome to McDonald’s.  How may I help you?

B:       Yes (Yeah), I’d like nine Big Mac Meals, two fish filet meals, eleven Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meals, a Pulled Pork sandwich, a Buttermilk Crispy Chicken, three Bacon Ranch salads, an Artisan Grilled Chicken, seven Sausage Muffins, two 10-piece McNuggets, three ice cream cones, two Blueberry Smoothies, and three Banana Smoothies.

A:       Will that be for here or to-go?

B:       For here, please.

A:       Would you like any ketchup, salt or pepper with that?

B:       Yes, I need all of those.

A:       Your total comes out to be $217.93.  Will that be cash or credit?

B:       ATM.

A:       Thank you. Please enter your pin.

B:       Ok.

A:       Thank you for your business.  Please pick up your order at the counter to your left.


Source:  Self-generated

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