Travel English – Elementary Homework – Countries and Nationality Vocabulary – Due November 16th, 2017

Instructions:  Choose 30 countries.  Write three sentences about a fictitious person from that country using “he” or “she.”

Countries and Nationality Vocabulary

This chart lists many of the countries or nations in the world, with the following information:

  • name of country
  • adjective used for that country (also describes nationality)
  • noun used for a person from that country

Look at these example sentences:

  • She comes from France.
  • She is French.
  • Her nationality is French.
  • She is a Frenchwoman.
  • She drives a French car
  • She speaks French.
Country Adjective Person
Argentina Argentinian an Argentinian
Australia Australian an Australian
Austria Austrian an Austrian
Bahamas Bahamian a Bahamian
Bahamas Bahamian a Bahamian
Bolivia Bolivian a Bolivian
Brazil Brazilian a Brazilian
Britain British a Briton or Brit
Bulgaria Bulgarian a Bulgarian
Burma (official name Myanmar) Burmese a Burmese
Cambodia Cambodian a Cambodian
Canada Canadian a Canadian
China Chinese a Chinese
Colombia Colombian a Colombian
Costa Rica Costa Rican a Costa Rican
Croatia Croat or Croatian a Croat or a Croatian
Cuba Cuban a Cuban
Czech Republic Czech a Czech
Denmark Danish a Dane
Dominican Republic Dominican a Dominican
Ecuador Ecuadorean an Ecuadorean
Egypt Egyptian an Egyptian
El Salvador Salvadorean a Salvadorean
England English an Englishman, an Englishwoman
Estonia Estonian an Estonian
Ethiopia Ethiopian an Ethiopian
Fiji Fijian a Fijian
Finland Finnish a Finn
France French a Frenchman, a Frenchwoman
Georgia Georgian a Georgian
Germany German a German
Ghana Ghanaian a Ghanaian
Greece Greek a Greek
Guatemala Guatemalan a Guatemalan
Haiti Haitian a Haitian
Holland (also Netherlands) Dutch a Dutchman, a Dutchwoman
Honduras Honduran a Honduran
Hungary Hungarian a Hungarian
Iceland Icelandic an Icelander
India Indian an Indian
Indonesia Indonesian an Indonesian
Iran Iranian an Iranian
Iraq Iraqi an Iraqi
Ireland, Republic of Irish an Irishman, an Irishwoman
Italy Italian an Italian
Jamaica Jamaican a Jamaican
Japan Japanese a Japanese
Jordan Jordanian a Jordanian
Kazakhstan Kazakh a Kazakh
Kenya Kenyan a Kenyan
Laos Laotian a Laotian
Latvia Latvian a Latvian
Lebanon Lebanese a Lebanese
Liberia Liberian a Liberian
Libya Libyan a Libyan
Lithuania Lithuanian a Lithuanian
Madagascar Malagasy or Madagascan a Malagasy or a Madagascan
Mexico Mexican a Mexican
Monaco Monégasque or Monacan a Monégasque or a Monacan
Mongolia Mongolian a Mongolian
Morocco Moroccan a Moroccan
Nepal Nepalese a Nepalese
Netherlands, the (see Holland) Dutch a Dutchman, a Dutchwoman, or a Netherlander
New Zealand New Zealand (used attributively only, as in New Zealand butter but not He is New Zealand) a New Zealander
Nicaragua Nicaraguan a Nicaraguan
North Korea North Korean a North Korean
Norway Norwegian a Norwegian
Oman Omani an Omani
Pakistan Pakistani a Pakistani
Panama Panamanian a Panamanian
Peru Peruvian a Peruvian
the Philippines Philippine a Filipino
Poland Polish a Pole
Portugal Portuguese a Portuguese
Qatar Qatari a Qatari
Romania Romanian a Romanian
Russia Russian a Russian
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian or Saudi a Saudi Arabian or a Saudi
Scotland Scottish a Scot
Serbia Serb or Serbian a Serb or a Serbian
Singapore Singaporean a Singaporean
Slovakia Slovak a Slovak
Slovenia Slovene or Slovenian a Slovene or a Slovenian
South Africa South African a South African
South Korea South Korean a South Korean
Spain Spanish a Spaniard
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan a Sri Lankan
Sudan Sudanese a Sudanese
Sweden Swedish a Swede
Switzerland Swiss a Swiss
Taiwan Taiwanese a Taiwanese
Tunisia Tunisian a Tunisian
Turkey Turkish a Turk
United Arab Emirates (UAE) UAE or Emirates (used attributively only, as in UAE buildings, Emirates holidays but not He is UAE, I am Emirates) or Emirati an Emirati
United Kingdom (UK) UK (used attributively only, as in UK time but not He is UK) or British a Briton
United States of America (USA) US (used attributively only, as in US aggression but not He is US) an American
Uruguay Uruguayan a Uruguayan
Venezuela Venezuelan a Venezuelan
Vietnam Vietnamese a Vietnamese
Wales Welsh a Welshman, a Welshwoman
Western Samoa Western Samoan a Western Samoan
Yugoslavia Yugoslav a Yugoslav




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