Travel English – Pre-Intermediate Restaurant Ordering – Due November 16th, 2017

Instructions:  Translate the following sentences.  Study what they mean and how to use them.

  1. Table for two, please.
  2. May we sit at this table?
  3. Menu, please.
  4. What’s on the menu?
  5. What’s Irish Stew like?
  6. We’re not ready yet.
  7. I’ll have the steak, please.
  8. Can you bring me the ketchup, please?
  9. Salad, please.
  10. I’ll have the same.
  11. That’s all, thank you.
  12. Check, please?
  13. This is on me.
  14. Do you have wine by the glass?
  15. I’d prefer red wine.
  16. Please bring us another beer.
  17. Could I have fries instead of salad?
  18. What can you recommend?
  19. I think there’s a mistake here.

Ordering I-

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