Travel English – Homework 3 – Elementary – Checking into a hotel – Due December 7, 2017

Travel English – Homework 3 – Elementary – Checking into a hotel

Receptionist:  Hello.  How may I help you?

Guest:  Do you have a room for the night?

Receptionist:  Yes, we do. / Sorry, we’re all booked.  How long would you like to stay?

Guest:  Two nights, please.  Can I have a room with two beds?

Receptionist:  Yes.  I have that.

Guest:  When do you serve breakfast?

Receptionist:  Breakfast will be from 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning in the cafeteria.

Guest:  Ok.  How much is it?

Receptionist:  That will be $90 per night, your total would come out to be $200 after taxes for two nights.  Would this be okay for you?

Guest:  Yes.  That’s fine.

Receptionist:  May I have your credit card, please?

Guest:  Yes.

Receptionist:  Here are your keys.  And to get to your room, please go down the hall, and there will be an elevator to your right.  Take that up to the fifth floor.  Make a left when you get out of the elevator.  And your room will be 506.  Is there anything else I can do for you?

Guest:  No.  That will be all.

Receptionist:  Thank you for staying at Yen’s suites.  Enjoy your stay.